America is a sleep-starved nation, desperately seeking new sleep solutions. As a result, the mattress industry has experienced unprecedented growth, and sleep has become a very hot health & lifestyle topic.

In 2016, mattress industry sales topped $16.5 billion and are expected to grow 5-6% over the next five years, as consumers continue to respond to the message that a better bed affects your overall health and well-being. This allows customers to justify their purchase as not only an affordable indulgence, but a necessary one.  

A growing industry that's anything but sleepy!

Verlo has a mattress shopping experience unlike any other – an elevated customer experience that was designed to make shopping as comfortable as the mattresses – with the goal of having guests feel a sense of “ahhh” when in a Verlo store.

Verlo continues to expand nationwide while maintaining a strong footprint in its home state of Wisconsin.

Where will you open the next Verlo location?

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